[중고] 환봉 절단기 75t까지 가능 JMC Recycling System
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환봉 절단기 75t까지 가능 JMC Recycling System

640 180T

Project Description

The McIntyre 640 Alligator shear is a powerful hydraulic yard metal shear which is guaranteed to be an asset to your operation for years to come. The McIntyre 640 alligator shear has a massive cutting capacity of up to 76mm, 3″ diameter and it’s heavy duty jaw pivot bearings will ensure a long machine life.

Features of the 640 include an easy to use control system which gives continuous automatic stroke action as an alternative to foot pedal operation. The shearing height will help reduce operator fatigue and there’s a heavy duty guard for operator safety.

The McIntyre 640 can be fitted with solenoid control enabling it to be successfully operated with in-feed an out-feed conveyors which are ideal when handling lengths of aluminium extrusion for example. Other optional equipment includes oil-immersed tank heaters for colder climates and an in-feed table which makes the feeding of over-sized material even easier. It is available with either an electric motor or diesel engine.

Overall, the 640 shear is easy to operate and its performance is unmatched by machines which sell for twice the price, making it a sound investment.
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